SIL GROUP, one of the largest limited liability companies in Armenia, began its activities in 1980ies. Its owners started business activities in 80-ies of last century, when the state and centrally controlled economy started to gradually transfer into fully functioning market economy. The immediate and aggressive legislative reform that took place in Armenia further accelerated the establishment and development of the private sector. The Sukiasyan family made their first investment in the plant of car spare parts and plastic households goods. The results of the initial success of these endeavors were successfully invested in other business activities. In the result of privatization process that took place in Armenia, several production enterprises were acquired and activities in the spheres of production, construction and services were started. During the first years of operation SIL Group has become reputable and well recognized company not only in Armenia, but throughout the world. Its involvement with several international renowned companies has earned SIL Group prestige and respect throughout international business circles. Currently SIL Group Company includes over 40 member companies engaged in production, trade, construction, services and insurance. SIL Group is highly respected for its productive partnerships with reputable manufacturers. The success of the company is due to trust and confidence that our partners from internationally renowned companies and structures have towards SIL Group.

Address: Yerevan2 0018, Republic of Armenia
3rd Lane of Tigran Mets Ave. 62
Phone: (010) 565727, (010) 540052
Director: Edgar Mkrtchyan